‘All Properties’ link in menu

Automated way to add “All Listings” (theme v2.6 or higher)

Note: The following procedure is valid only with version 2.6 or higher of the theme. You can check the theme version by going to Appearance -> Themes.

Using version 2.6 or higher of the theme, you can add the All Listings item to the menu. See the demo to see how it’s implemented. It’s tucked under the “Browse By” menu. To emulate this, go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Browse By…   Make sure the “Browse By” menu is enabled, and also the “All Lisings” is enabled.

Manual way to add “All Listings” (theme v2.2 – 2.5)

If you want to add “All Listings” in the menu, but NOT tucked under the “Browse By” menu, OR you have version 2.2 – 2.5 of the theme and don’t want to upgrade, then you must add the “All Listings” to the menu manually…

First, you need to find the URL that goes to your Search Results page. For example, mine is this:
To find the URL, go to your list of Pages. Find the Search Results page, and hover over the “view” link. In your status bar, you’ll see the URL. If you right-click on the link, you should have an option to copy the URL to clipboard.

Now in Appearance > Menus (new WP 3.0 feature), go to the Custom Links section. Paste the URL that you copied. Name the link something. Add it to your Header and/or Footer menu. Drag it to where you want and then save.